Unsettled Disruption Step-by-Step Guide for Harnessing the Evolving Path of Purpose-Driven Innovation

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The global disruption caused by the pandemic, climate change, technology, and new customer expectations is unparalleled. Overnight, entire economies, education systems, and social infrastructures came to a grinding halt. Nowadays, many companies, organizations, business leaders, and entrepreneurs face the test of redefining their strategy in a short time frame. As widespread crisis lurks as our ever-present reality, the question arises of how to develop new systems and societies that possess the resilience needed to thrive under uncertain conditions.

As we know, creativity doesn’t always arrive like a lightbulb switching on in our heads. It requires a better understanding of the problem you want to solve and all elements involved. Unsettled Disruption provides a systematic process to consider external factors, your industry’s chances of disruption, and the pillars that would help you build your strategy. This practical guide combines the concepts, tools, and dozens of proven business cases and stories from the author’s experience.

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