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Did you find an opportunity to build your own business but don’t know where to start?

In this website you will find the tools to transform your idea into a new business reality. There will be a lot of free stuff to learn, so please come, enjoy and hang around. These guides & tools will supercharge your innovation project!


Prototyping Techniques by Purpose

This eBook describes and provides examples of design thinking prototyping techniques, organized into three primary purposes: Explain, Interact, or Deliver value. Description : Prototypes are visual and physical representations of a product, service, or process. They allow you


Five most common Jobs-to-be-done Challenges

In this eBook, we explain five of the most common challenges that organizations face when looking into the functional, social, and emotional dimensions that explain why customers make the choices they do. Description : ‘Jobs-To-Be-Done’ provides a way of


8 Reasons to Adopt Circular Economy

In this eBook, you will get an inside overview of circular economy principles and its outstanding benefits. Description : The current linear economy has exposed our natural resources to severe exploitation to fulfill the increasing population’s requirements over the


7 ways the face of retailing is changing – COVID-19

This presentation describes seven ways retailing is adapting to the consumer “new normal requirements”. This template is made so that you can edit, share, and made many people aware at a time. Download this set, spread the word,