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Unsettled Disruption

by Juana Catalina Rodriguez

These days, we speak about “disruptive innovation”, but you may still wonder how I start? Where do I find disruptive ideas? Why do some companies not see disruption coming while others harnessed the power of disruptive innovation?

Unsettled Disruption is a blueprint for companies and businesses of all sizes to adapt, foresee, and overcome potential disruptions in their industry. 

Unsettled Disruption is filled with concepts, tools, and examples
of business cases developed over years of experience. Each lesson provides invaluable information necessary to ensure sustained and successful strategies.

Unsettled Disruption explains how to define your strategic purpose as the cornerstone for your innovation journey  to join the group of changemakers to create a sustainable future.

About the book

“You will get disrupted if you don’t disrupt.”

The exponential age is a constantly evolving scenario. Recent global disruptions like climate change, the Covid-19 pandemic, competing technologies, is unlike anything the world has experienced in a very long time. Economies, education systems, and social infrastructures collapsed in the blink of an eye. Companies and organizations are forced to adapt their current thought processes and strategies to develop new systems and societies that possess the resilience to thrive under uncertain conditions.

If the definition of insanity attributed to Albert Einstein is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Many innovators struggle to survive and forget that looking ahead is better than staying in the past. As creativity doesn’t always switch on like a lightbulb in our heads. Instead, it requires a better understanding of the problem you want to solve and the factors that create the challenge. 

If you want Unsettled Disruption, you need to change the paradigm. 

Disruption has the power to shape our future, and we must align our goals to drive change. Unsettled Disruption helps you connect the dots towards a sustainable transformation.

Unsettled Disruption: Step by Step Guide for Harnessing the Evolving Path of Purpose Driven Innovation is a groundbreaking blueprint every business leader and entrepreneur needs to find sustained opportunities and define their strategy under uncertain conditions. This practical guide combines concepts, tools, and examples of proven business cases taken from years of experience.

By providing the framework for success, Unsettled Disruption helps you unfold disruption strategies and discover the reasoning behind why companies are facing disruption, regardless of the industry. The ability to accurately foresee changes coming is an invaluable skill that will transform your business and help you drive the transformation towards purpose-driven innovation. 

10 things you will learn
from this book

  • 01

    Distinguish between innovation and disruption.
  • 02

    Define your strategy of becoming a disrupter.
  • 03

    Identify the disruption potential in your industry.
  • 04

    Understand why companies fail to see disruption coming.
  • 05

    Find innovative ideas to serve unattended customers.
  • 06

    Master how newcomers harness the power of disruptive innovation.
  • 07

    Learn how incumbents came out stronger through self-disruption.
  • 08

    Recognize the new wave of disruptors and the ones that flourished during 2020.
  • 09

    Design the core elements of your purpose-driven innovation strategy.
  • 10

    And most importantly, learn how to apply the Unsettled Disruption framework.

Who is this book for?

This book is for those who want to harness disruptive innovation to create a new and purposeful future, who understand the why, but still need guidance with the what and the how. Unsettled Disruption will give you the strategic guidance and inspiration to drive you and your disruptive innovation journey.

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Unsettled Disruption

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Unsettled Disruption

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