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JnC Nova is designed to help product managers, marketers, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and innovators to bring a new idea to a prevailing market.

JnC assist you in creating a future for your business by imagining and analyzing all variables to gauge your project, accelerating the development and defining all elements to launch/execute your business idea.


Bringing a new business idea to the market requires a systematic process. JnC Nova provides field-proven tools and expert-level guidance to frame your ideas for the real-world scenario. From the brainstorming to the point when you define your product or service and set your market, JnC helps you to imagine and frame the whole process since the beginning.


Moving from vision to reality at a certain speed is important for any innovation project. Any idea, regardless of how unique it is, has little value without an execution plan. JnC gives you step by step advice for the implementation of your idea by prototyping, testing and learning how to iterate till it comes out as a valid fit to the market.


Once you have validated your idea and assumptions, you must get all elements aligned before launch. From making your numbers work, defining your go-to-market and working on your executive pitch to get investors or management buy-in, JnC provides you with guidance and support.

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