Out of ideas? 3 Proven Tips To Unleash Your Creativity To The Next Level

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A small tale of creativity

Another day, my 6 years old son came up to me and said, “Mom, I want to build a bridge to ride my toy cars. Can you give me some ideas? I am quite blank right now.” I was busy doing household chores, yet I couldn’t send him away empty.

I decided to leave things for the while, motivated to practice with my son the art of connecting the dots.

Enhancing your creativity: the tried & tested tips

1. Connecting the dots

Connecting the dots

As we reflected earlier, the first step towards improving creativity is keeping a broader perspective of the challenge at hand, combined with your experience. People who are known to be creative are keen observers; they are constantly gaining exposure to new environments, ideas, and people’s perspectives. If I put in my two cents for each new project, I always start by conversing with users, exchanging ideas with stakeholders, and seeking new surroundings. Building a broader ecosystem around me helps keep my creativity up.


2. Keeping a journal to pencil the dots in

Keep a journal

3. Harnessing the power of teamwork


The power of teamwork

Keep looking — you are only a step away!

Experiences — or rather, the ability to capture experiences in our hippocampus — are raw and powerful sources of inspiration. Whenever you are looking to get inspired, look around you and look for insights. Importantly, this realm is not limited to your area of work only. You can gain and leverage the experience of any setting and subject without any boundaries. For me, walking my dog is a source of unlimited inspiration.

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